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Sonia's Story

by Sonia Manconi May 11, 2019

Sonia | InthePlant Skin Care


Sonia has an amazing person with the will to live. I would like to let you all know a little about Sonia..she has been going through 17 years of two cancers and 45 procedures, which 37 of them are feeding tubes and ports..this is not counting the bacterial disease called Mycobacterium szulgai. Sonia has been struggling the past 17 years with the continuing support of her friends. Sonia lives her life to the fullest. The LORD comes first, work second, friends third and she never thinks about the past with a positive attitude about living life without chemo, radiation and medicine Drs. try to push on her daily. Sonia found a wonderful face serum, toner, cleanser and moisturizer that has taken most of her wrinkles and flaky skin away. Her products come from hemp oils and made a big difference in her life in 2018. She loves the way her face feels and looks now that it’s 2019 with a positive attitude that makes her shine. is the way to go

Sonia Manconi
Sonia Manconi